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Tree Surgery

Our team of highly qualified arborists has the experience and the specialist expertise, to deliver a quality and competitive service to industry leading contractors or home owners working on projects requiring a professional approach to vegetation management and tree work, primarily covering Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall. Take a look at some of our services we offer below which include Tree Surgery, Tree Removal, Tree Felling, Tree Planting, Stump Grinding and more…


A reduction is essentially the shortening of branches to reduce the overall size of the canopy.  A trees appearance or form can be enhanced by a reduction.
If there are concerns about the structural integrity or root system of a tree then a reduction can be employed to reduce the sail effect of the wind on a tree and therefore reduce movement, improving safety and the long term viability.
A reduction is often used to allow a large tree to be retained in limited space; the structure is maintained as is a high percentage of the foliage bearing structure this allows the tree to maintain good vitality.

tree surgeon plymouth
tree surgery plymouth

Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting is the removal of lower tree branches to prevent obstructions along public areas such as highways and footpaths.
Crown lifting is often used to gain clearance above structures, because they are blocking views or reducing light.


Our tree dismantling services offer our customers a range of options when dealing with unwanted, diseased or dangerous trees.
A tree will need felling or dismantling and removing if it has become hazardous to the safety of your property, neighbouring properties or the public; this may be due to storm damage, tree disease or subsidence issues with your property.

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Ground Conditioning

Ground conditioning and correct maintenance of native species, trees and crop producing trees will ensure long term health, improve appearance and increase crop yields. We pride ourselves on our professional approach and prompt, reliable, affordable service to ground conditioning.

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